Back on the webs

Pre-transition, I had a website where I published my technical writing1. Due to life circumstances, I couldn’t keep it up, so I’m trying something different this time around.

I figured I’d just write about whatever the heck comes to mind, regardless of topic. I’ll write about mental illness and eating disorder. I’ll share my crap music and other art. I’ll post links to things no one else cares about.

If the motivation to write about tech stuff returns, perhaps I’ll write about my hardware projects, compiler, and mobile/embedded work.

Implementation details

As for the website itself, I built it using Hugo. I don’t fancy Go much, but tools written in it tend to be easy to install2 and use, with decent performance characteristics to boot.

  1. Some SEO numpty snatched it up and republished my stuff, so I served them a DMCA. ^
  2. Typically, a binary with all dependencies statically linked. ^

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