Moving to Iceland

I recently left my job at Spotify after 7 years, which means my visa will expire in a few months. I could try to find a new job here, but I don’t really want to live in the United States, so I’ll be moving to Iceland. I figured I’d document the process and progress in this post, in case it’s of interest to anyone!

Keep in mind that this is my experience as a Swedish national, and may (regrettably) be more difficult depending on where you’re from.

Getting a kennitala

First things first; you will need a kennitala. This is a form of national ID number, similar to a social security number. It’s used pretty much everywhere: on apartment listing websites, on domain registration websites, everything. So you need one.

To apply for a kennitala, visit Þjóðskrá Íslands and state your case. I went in to the wrong building, as there’s a number of them. Here’s a picture of the right one:

Google Street View screenshot of the Þjóðskrá Íslands building
Look at the signage inside to find the right floor.

I went back to the US after this, and didn’t hear anything in 3 weeks, so I emailed them and asked for an update. There had been some complications due to me having recently changed my Swedish personnummer. I provided additional information, and after 10 days and a few more emails, I was registered as living in Iceland, and had a kennitala.

That’s as far as I’ve come; I will update the post when there is progress! 😊

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